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Following your intuition.

As an actress, I was taught to follow every impulse I get, to follow my gut and to trust my gut instinct, because nine times out of ten, they’re always right; not only do I try to follow this with acting but I do this in real life too, sometimes. Not long ago, I chose…

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Feelings of Not Being Enough

As a woman, I feel as though this is something I have to share and discuss from personal experience. I’ve come to the realization that a lot of small things usually make up feelings of we’re lacking something/don’t feel good enough for whatever small thing, could be from not being thin enough to feeling pretty…

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Catching your Judgement.

Good Morning, I woke up today with the sound of Gabrielle Bernstein’s guided meditation on allowing yourself to feel the emotion of whatever judgement it is your feeling. Lately, I felt as though I’ve been judging people on how their are. I feel myself as if though I am better than them and I think…

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