A little reminder

I wanted to remind you (and also myself) how amazing we all are. I feel sometimes we forget we’re all humans and we forget our potential because we’re too busy to stop and pause, take a breath and look back at what we’ve accomplished. We think that because we’re not where we want to be yet: we’re not successful, which can confuse us into believing we’re not good enough yet, and I think its because we feel we haven’t accomplished all of our goals.

I fall into this trap every single time. I work and work. Hustle and lose a lot of sleep and put myself through so much stress that sometimes it takes the decision of other people for me to realize I have to let go and move to another venture, and start a new journey. Which almost, always, is a step forward and in the right direction. Yet we fail to realize it and make it difficult to let go because we’re holding on into the idea that what we’re doing, even if it’s hurting us (without being aware of this), it’s the step we have to take, and continue to take, to move into the right direction, or so we believe.

We also fall into the trap of social media, we form the habit of constantly checking our social apps, check to see what people are doing and fall into this trap of comparing ourselves to what we’re seeing, and we automatically start thinking, “we don’t have their life style, we’re not successful” or something else that could hurt our mental health. It’s incredible the power we give them and those people behind those pictures, which a lot of the time, could be false.

Each and every time I look forward into my future and compare myself to others, I tend to have this negative feeling in my mind, I feel as though i’m far from where I want to be (which is no secret I want to be a successful actress) and I fall into the trap of feeling down after spending so much time on a social app. More specifically, because I look at successful actors, I tend to wonder why it hasn’t happened yet? it’s a constant inner battle I have with myself, especially if I allow it to take over me.

But one thing I try to do is to pause, take a break, breathe, and connect the dots backwards. Doing this always shows me that I have moved forward, that I am still moving forward and that each step Ive taken, has led me in the right direction. Especially one where I’m not disappointed in. This doing not only relaxes me but makes me feel proud of how far Ive come, and it makes me realize its getting closer to where I want to be: which is what matters in the long run. Additionally, I realize i’m still hungry and not satisfied where I’m at, which only drives me to continue to move forward, which is also a great thing. I remove the distractions, the social apps and try to re-center my energy and re-focus on the good, and really let go of the bad. Because it is important not only for my mental health, but my overall wellbeing and my happiness, which is what truly matters. Right?

My confidence goes back up, I feel more at ease and I feel there is less noise in my head, which makes me feel less stressed out. I also remove (or the universe removes them for me) a lot of things that stresses me out until it put me in a mad state and I started to feel like my usual self, which is feeling good and happy.

Hence, why I’m here writing this for you, to remind you that sometimes, when we have too much outside clutter, we tend to forget how amazing we are, and to let you know, you’re a wonderful human being on the right track of your own path.




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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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