Having your Privacy = Keeping your Sanity

I find privacy to be really important for keeping your sanity.

Personally, I choose what to tell people and what not to tell people because I feel I am putting myself out there for unwanted criticism and potentially get my feelings hurt, which is something I protect very dearly nowadays. the things that are most important to me are some of the things I make sure to keep private, and become more territorial when someone is pushing into knowing them, Like why do you want to know? anyway, I love my privacy, it keeps people from voicing their (unasked) opinions of an important topic of mine and most importantly, it gives you the feeling being in control. Plus sometimes, it’s just best to keep things to yourself, as I find over-sharers are bit too intense for me, no offense.

Not that there is anything wrong with someone over-sharing their personal life/issues or whatever it is you’re saying but I find it most attractive when small things are shown in moderate amount, it keeps me wondering and questioning the individual I am getting to know, whether is a romantic partner or a friend. Plus, it leaves room for conversation and an adventure in figuring things out at a slow pace. Even though, it’s also fine to share everything and explore and finding new things together as the relationship evolves.  It’s just my personal preference, and you can agree or disagree, both are completely fine, I will be completely okay with whatever your preference might be, even if I don’t agree with it.

I’ve experienced people pushing their personal agenda, or opinion on certain topics that don’t concern them in anyway whatsoever for reasons I don’t really understand. It could be they’re projecting their failures on to you and they would like to have a sense of control, and they can get it by forcing someone to do exactly what they want, this can be happening subconsciously. You might know a control freak, from personal experience, a control freak loves to control everything around them, this includes their friends and the choices they make; even though these people can be toxic and mean well at the same time (or so they “think” they mean well).

But, Only you know whats best for you, which is something I strongly stand behind.

Those folks who try to control my decisions, make me feel as if my choice was the wrong choice OR just judge me altogether and don’t agree with anything that I decide what is best for me are the reason why I think privacy is key to keeping my sanity because someone who constantly tells me my choices are wrong, will hurt my confidence, individuality and the courage to stand behind the choices I make. Honestly, who wants to live a life wondering making a choice for fear of what someone will say? or react? As an individual who is learning as they go (as everyone is), I want to be able to learn what is right from wrong and learn from my own mistakes, even if someone else went through the same situation I am involved in.

We’re all learning at a different pace, what a younger generation is experiencing, an older generation already experienced and even a much older generation experienced it but someone’s lack of experience does not make them any less than who they are, and the same goes for someone who’s experienced more, it doesn’t make them any better either; and frankly, if you feel better for feeling as if you have more experience than someone, I think you’re ego needs a little taming.

Respecting people’s choices is something I stand with.




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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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