Visiting Trinidad Was The Most Amazing Trip Ever!

Doing this trip was one of the best decisions I could have done in my adult life, I simply loved being there, I was happy, I didn’t need much, I was by the water all the time, I slept well. I felt like only the little things were what I needed to be satisfied, and to be honest with you, this statement is true, I only cared for the little things. Make-up didn’t matter, what I wore didn’t matter, where I went to eat or spend my time didn’t matter. As long as I was by the beach, I was happy. Listening to that water at Maraca’s Bay was everything to me, I am certainly an island girl (literally, I was born in an island) and I want to buy my dream home by the beach.

One day my guardian angels will bless me, I am sure!

My friend and I flew from JFK to Trinidad at around midnight in Caribbean Airlines and landed at around 5:30AM, the flights from New York to Trinidad are around five hours and twenty minutes, but because they were at graveyard shift time, most of us were asleep, or tried to in my case, time seemed to have flown by quickly…did you catch that? haha!

  • One thing I noticed was that: the longer the flights become, the better the  food we customers receive. I’m not American, I was born in the Dominican Republic, and before, twelve years back, the food would be a full entre…now? we get cookie bags; from JFK to DR is about three and a half hours.
  • We received hot chicken sandwiches in our flight from JFK to Trinidad & vise versa, they were pretty delicious.

Once we landed, we had to wait about five hours for our 20 minute flight to Tobago (can you believe it?) while we waited, we met with my coworker’s friend and he took us to eat something called Doubles. doubles

I don’t know much other than they’re chickpeas with some sort of seasoning (which I don’t know) covered with fried dough. It’s delicious, I loved it very much, one was very filling but they were just so delicious, one was never enough. I’m a big food lover, I love eating, and If I can eat something twice or thrice, I certainly will; plus these are good for you, they’re vegan.

  • They’re mildly sweet and salty at the same time, and because of the perfectly fried dough, that’s still wonderfully soft on the inside, its deliciously chewy, you just want to eat this all the time, it’s honestly great!
  • We also took a ride to the biggest church in Trinidad, “The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile Mount St Benedict”. it’s located on what felt like the top of a mountain, the view was beautiful.

(It almost looks like an apartment, & below is the view from up top of the mountain)


After we landed in Tobago and checked in with our Airbnb, we checked out this beautiful tiny little beach, though we didn’t get in the water because it was cloudy and it seemed like it was going to rain. So we passed for a day in the pool and then some delicious dinner at a pasta restaurant.

  • Now, I’m no drinker, I choose not to drink any alcohol at social gatherings, but in this occasion, I began drinking the moment we were able to leave our bags in the room, and surprisingly? I was never drunk, not once. I was so proud of myself for this.

The following day, it was beautifully sunny in Tobago, we woke up and headed straight to the beach! We hung out at Store Bay Beach for the entire day, the beach was so beautiful, clean and light blue, you guys would love it for sure! the water’s were not as rough as Maraca’s Bay but they were still extremely pleasant.


The water’s were cold, very calmed and very bright and clean blue, I loved swimming in them, and floating, it literally felt like paradise. Spending a day at the beach made me crave foods such as shrimps and fish. At Maraca’s Bay I ate fried shark (it tasted like regular fish) and here at Store Bay, I ate fried Shrimp.

While we hung out at Store Bay Beach, we took a boat tour, in the boat, we visited Pigeon Point Beach and No Man’s Land, it’s titled “No Man’s Land” because no man own’s that tiny little beach, anyone can hang out and nobody is allowed to kick you off the beach because it’s no man’s land, isn’t that awesome?


The Left picture of me, is when we were on top of the boat, on our way back from our final stop, the top right is Pigeon Hole Beach and the bottom is “No Man’s Land.” that’s such a cool name!

While we were in our boat tour, we began our ride in the bottom of the boat, where they had glass for us to view the bottom of the beach, we were able to see huge fishes (which I couldn’t get a picture of) and LOTS of Corals! it was awesome! also, we got to the middle of the ocean, of I’d like to believe it was, and the captain, with the thickest accent I’ve heard, said if we were good swimmers, we can actually jump in the ocean! WHAT?!!!!!! so my friend and I did…..

After we returned from Tobago to Trinidad, we hung out at the famous Macara’s Bay, and  visited Chaguaramas Petting Zoo and Emperor Valley’s Zoo.


It was such a wonderful vacation, I will never forget the experience, I loved being a mini-explorer and had such a wonderful time while experiencing the culture of Trinidad & Tobago.

Things I learned:

  1. Everything Liquid needs to be in travel size bottles, my bag was opened for my contacts refresher.
  2. bring sun screen, enough to even wear even when you’re not going to spend a day in the water, I burned my self at the petting zoo
  3. if you drive in America, learn to sit on the right size of the vehile as in Trinidad, the driver’s seat is on the right side.




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