The Benefits of Having a Journal.

I’d like to apologize for not writing as often as I can, I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be because I have been working and acting and truthfully, getting my life figured out since I have begun to think about studying psychology. Is it strange that I am still not 100% certain of my decision? I find myself with no answer when I ask questions like these. Though I am uncertain, I have been following through with the paperwork, I got accepted to my top choice, and I’ve signed up for orientation. Maybe going head on without knowing the outcome for now is a good thing, life is all about uncertainty and maybe this is my first taste with the awareness of being uncertain.

Another update on my acting career: after my filming in Virginia, I booked my first print job! It’s incredible how the universe is blessing me on something I’ve wanted for so long, so bad! I didn’t even have to audition for it! it happened so fast. I honestly can’t feel happier for what has been happening in such a short time since I signed with my manager. I feel like I can only go up with this dream I have, certainly slowly but surely, things will only get better, when the time is right.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post.

In the beginning of what seemed to be a very stressful year, I bought myself a journal and for the past year, I have been consistently writing my thoughts and venting out all of my emotions in my journal. With such a stressful beginning to last year, I thought I wouldn’t have survived; but having kept the journal as my go-to listener, I honestly can say my thoughts and my overall well being has been well balanced because I was able to vent it out to something I know would be there for me, without disappointing me. Just honestly, having a writing journal without listening back to someone else’s opinion on what your going through is a gift in itself.

I don’t mind venting out to my friends, I just feel like a total burden when I vent out my negative energy to them. I don’t want to constantly rely on people I want to keep having around in my life. I’ve had the experience where a friend is constantly venting their problems to me and I end up feeling drained afterwards, not only that, but since I have given my ear  to their venting, they constantly begin to continue to vent their problems to me, as if I haven’t gotten any problems of my own. A lot of the time, I end up not wanting to contact this particular person because I know they will come to me with their problems.

I did some research and I found that having a journal and constantly writing your emotions down in paper can reduce stress. Because you’re writing down how your day was like for you, you can gain a different perspective in your self-knowledge. Not only that, but when you feel overwhelmed with emotions, writing how you’re feeling can certainly make you feel like a weight was lifted off of your shoulders after getting it all down in paper, as that’s how I feel when I finish writing after a bad argument with someone that hurt me.

“Journaling about traumatic events helps one process them by fully exploring and releasing the emotions involved, and by engaging both hemispheres of the brain in the process, allowing the experience to become fully integrated within one’s mind.”

I hope this post inspires you and encourages you to get yourself a journal, even a regular notebook to write down and spill all of your emotions out into a piece of paper. Coming from someone who has made it a habit for my wellbeing, I can honestly say it’s been a very helpful experience.





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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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  1. The great thing when you write your bad emotions on the paper, you can throw them in the fire and on that way you destroy bad things happen to you.I don’t know from which religion comes that, but it has big effect.Try it 🙂 .

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