Book Review: Presence by Amy Cuddy

Has anybody seen her TEDTalk? It’s pretty incredible and very enjoyable. I have noticed that a lot of us become very apologetic about the things we like, as if we don’t deserve them, myself included, body language really shows with a bowed head, averted eyes and hands held together in front, as if to protect ourselves. I recommend watching it, here is the link:

To be honest with you, I enjoyed the first half of the book but I didn’t really finish it, I began to get bored and have headaches, it literally began to get a bit painful reading it, and it’s not because she’s a terrible writer, in fact, she’s great, very detailed, which is amazing. if Amy Cuddy wrote fiction, I’m pretty sure I’d read it because in this book, everything was so specific.

I understand that posture plays a huge role in describing your confidence and power stature. I understand the way your body acts in a situation says a lot about you, I’ve learned to understand and have become mindful that even if I am scared, if my body posture is different from what I am experiencing, If I am open, exposed and wide, it would say to the person looking that I am confident and I don’t care about your opinion; in fact, because of this book, I work every day on how my posture or just how my body is in general.

The thing is, with this book, though it was great; It’s just so full of research. “A research was done here” “Another research to prove my point was done there.” Jesus it was so tiring reading about so much research. Maybe this is coming from my right-brained mind, but It was just extremely difficult to focus, I began to get annoyed half way, so much research, I want to hear her words, her thoughts, not someone else’s prove of Presence. I wanted to hear personal stories, and everything she mentioned in her TedTalk was already in the beginning part of the book.

I don’t think I’d recommend this book, I think watching the TedTalk is enough honestly, It’s a lot of repetition and a lot of different research proving that posture and body language can influence the way you feel.




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