Be Gentle with Yourself.

I’ve been inspired to write this post because recently I have been a little hard on myself and it’s been frustrating me, which isn’t good. I have created my little own negative, unhealthy cycle of beating myself up and I since I have realized how I’ve been treating myself, I’ve been working on being a little gentler with my imperfections and accepting more the fact that I am myself, my process is different than everyone else’s and sometimes, ignorant people, are blind to that, so they will critique me for not meeting their expectations.

Since I started cross fitness, I finished my foundations classes and I am now able to workout with the rest of the class, people that have been working out for a lot longer than I have, meaning they are able to complete the workout more efficiently than I. I am now aware that my pace is different than theirs, I am a beginner after all, but at the time, while I’m working out, and I see that they’re amazingly crazy good at working out. I kept pushing myself, but each time I ended up short, and each time I felt unsatisfied with myself. Every time I felt unhappy, I would feel incomplete, as if I didn’t belong there, like something was wrong with me.


My coaches would cheer for me, but I would brush it off, throw it away with my hands and deny the compliment, as if I didn’t deserve to receive praise. I was not only ashamed, I was upset that they were cheering me on, and saying things like, “great job!” It wasn’t even a good enough job, I thought.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I spoke to one of the coaches about my issue and cried about it like a baby. which eventually led to one of the greatest advice ever:

“Listen to you body.”

which bring me to this post.

Ever since I began to listen to my body, I find myself listening to my intuition more. I remove from situations that make me upset, or I go a bit slower when working out, whenever I feel my stomach getting upset; when I feel off from my usual self, I try not to pretend everything is fine, I feel my body and go slower than my usual pace, specially when is that time of the month. I try to please to my needs whenever I can and I pamper myself when I have time. I do these things, taking care of me, regardless of what anyone else wants, because what I want and meeting those needs are a lot more important than what somebody else wants.


When you’re single, you have to become your own lover, your own better half, your own best friend. When we have a partner, and we find ourselves head-over-heels for the person we’re dating. We want them to like us, we want to make them happy, we want to do everything possible to make sure we are exactly what we see in them; and sometimes, doing things like these, behaving in such a way, make us forget about who we are and meeting our needs. We completely forget about making ourselves happy, that by the time the relationship goes downhill, we were so fully invested into the partner, that it becomes a huge loss when the break-up happens and it’s left for us to going back to finding who we are again, feeling as if we have lost a part of what makes us complete. When in reality, we were complete from the moment we’re born.

Instead, why not keep ourselves and our needs in mind while having someone else beside us? it’ll just make that relationship more interesting.

Plus who doesn’t like someone who takes care of themselves?

Listen to your body, listen to your needs, you taking the action of taking care of yourself is sending out the message that you don’t need people to take care of you and that’s not only attractive is necessary for your well-being.






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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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