A Promise to Eat Healthy.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts: I am currently doing cross-fitness and for starters, I’d like to say that I think my endorphin levels are high. I haven’t thought negative about myself, honestly, I haven’t had a negative thought cross my mind in a while. I’m a pretty positive person, but sometimes, I do get those negative thoughts, of course, I am only human, but they have diminished by A LOT, from what I am remembering. Secondly, I’ve never been THIS sore all over my body, until starting this type of workout, I never knew you could be sore on your back! I feel extremely exhausted, I think because my body is recovering from the heavy lifting I am going through; and now, the reason why I’m writing this post: I have been feeling like a starving animal, I have been eating everything I can eat, everywhere, whenever I can, it’s pretty insane.

Ever since I started cross fitness, my cravings have sky rocketed and I just want to eat my cake and everyone else’s too!


I mean, I think this is a good thing, eating is wonderful, this just means that working out is speeding up my metabolism and now I’ll never starve, because the minute I think about food, my stomach is growling like a hungry animal, I love it and I hate it too. I hate it because I get so hungry, and I don’t care whether the food has healthy benefits or not,  I’ll eat it like it’s the last meal I’ve ever eaten. I love everything, anything, I love food and I am going to eat it because it makes my tummy happy, and Happy Tummy = Happy Shirly, it’s simple.

Right now, all the foods I’ve been eating are high in carbs: pasta, pizza, a lot of bread, etc. Plus Juice: my grandmother makes a really good passion fruit juice, and I don’t want to pass up on  her delicious juice making. Also, I am a big fan of chocolate; They still have this valentines day deal on Duane Reade of Ferrero’s Chocolate for $2 Dollars! That’s amazing. Both of the restaurants I work in serve delicious steak and I’d eat them both everyday if I could (PS. In one of the one’s I work in, I can eat anything from the menu for FREE), the only issue that when I work at night, and my shift ends around 11pm, and that’s when I usually be eating my dinner.

but to be honest with you:

I am actually pretty happy that I’ve become aware of this, I mean, I REALLY NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS, I really want to. I love this cross-fitness workouts and I want to continue, but I don’t want to throw my efforts into the drain.

or rather MY STOMACH >.< !!!


I’ve been wondering why I’ve been so hungry; why my eating has increased and my appetite has done the same. I did a little research and something I found, caught my attention, “The desire to eat more after exercising hits women harder than men. When we look at blood samples of people starting an exercise program, there is a subtle change in men’s hormone levels, but for women, exercise really elevates the hormone that increases appetite.”

this is really what stuck with me, ” the widely accepted theory is that women’s bodies are hardwired to hold onto energy for reproduction purposes.”

my body is just searching for more energy.

that’s pretty cool! I know I have a dream of becoming a mother one day and I love how our bodies automatically help us to stay healthy for not only ourselves but also to help us stay strong for childbearing purposes.

Now that I’ve become aware of this I am writing this promise post to work towards eating healthy, it will be another 2018 challenge. I am working toward working out four times a week and now I’d like to add a healthy diet and I have been writing my challenges in my blog, I have decided to add this one as well. I really hope this motivates you to treating your body like a temple and filling it with joy and good food.

For starters,

  1. I am getting rid of the comfort food I love the most: Ice-cream, as much as I love you ice-cream, you have to go for now.
  2. I love coffee filled with hazelnut creamer, and because of this, dairy has also been huge in my life. I will work on letting this go and making tea my top priority.
  3. Cheese. I love cheese, but every time I go to the doctor, they tell me I have a high cholesterol, and everytime they also tell me I have to stop eating cheese, so I’m committing myself to end my relationship with cheese, as much as this hurts, I am valuing my body and putting my health first.

These are the top three that I will begin with, I don’t usually eat chips or candy so I don’t really have to worry about a big diet change but I also want to be gentle with myself and not have high expectations with the results, I certainly know it will be difficult in the beginning, so I want to begin small and increase my list slowly, as I begin to get better with my diet and officially let go of foods that aren’t good for my health.

let’s see how this will be! I have faith!







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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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