Protect Yourself from Negativity.

Hi awesome readers! 
I’ve felt compelled to write about guarding yourself from the negative energy that’s out there because I have come to realize that there are more negative people out in the world than positive souls.
it doesn’t take very much to be a negative person, it can be from judging yourself, to judging other people, to complaining about something you’re going through to being rude to another human being, negativity literally spreads like a virus (frankly, I think worse).
I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t ever been rude, or have talked bad about myself (hey, I’m an actress and I deal with rejection everyday, sometimes it can get to me.) or have gossiped about another person, I take full responsibly and include myself in the clan of negative people with my previous actions.
However, I have become so self aware through meditation and spending a lot more time by myself (which I totally recommend), that I have learned to ignore people that are like that: judgy and full of self loathing and enjoy the gossip; they can become really draining to my soul, and honestly? I’m working toward gaining more positive energy throughout my day, not have it drained by noon!
I was recently with someone whom I adore (honestly), but this person has a tendency of being very negative, about the world, about people and herself. Honestly, a mutual friend and I agreed that this person is terribly negative. In our last encounter, this particular person, was finding a problem to my every solution for a situation we were going through, it was very draining! On top of that, they were venting complaints on top of complaints. It was such a struggle to keep my energy high.
We didn’t participate in any physical activity that night, honestly, we were sitting for most of the time, but afterwards, I felt like I had been to the gym without any nutrients in my system (yes! It was that bad!)
I don’t know how long has it been, but I decided it would be best if I stayed away from this person, there’s no reason why I should find myself being shut down or tolerate someone else’s unhappiness, there’s enough of that going around, and I am enough to take care of, I will not take care of someone else’s negative aura, they have to realize it for themselves.
And I’d like to tell you that you don’t have to either, you should only take care of yourself and disregard anybody that jeopardizes that safety net that you provide for you alone, It doesn’t matter who the person is, take the risk to stand up and fight the negative power, even If you have to stand alone in the battle, sooner or later, others will join your positive fight (and I’ll be the first in line!) <3.
The idea of being a positive person is a lot more attractive than a Debbie Downer, everyone wants to be around that.


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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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