If You Believe in Your Heart you Are Something, You Won’t Need to Prove Yourself to Anybody else.

I strongly dislike people that show-off, pretend their life is great, and brag about all the things that they have. I find these people basic, empty, sad, and boring.
They try to make themselves bigger than they are by showing the world how many things they have, they love the likes, the praise, the shares, the bigger the number of views and likes, the better they feel about themselves.
And the more conceited they are and tell people about these things as if it’s the greatest thing in the world.
I’m always wary of people like these, they’re selfish and only care about looks, they enjoy what’s really popular and only have empty braggy conversations.
And they care a lot about their looks.
As the Texa’s saying goes, “The Smallest Dog Barks the Loudest”
So whenever you notice someone bragging a little too much about something? It’s because they’re insecure about that same thing.

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