How To End Your Suffering

Just thought I’d share some useful tips on ending your suffering. Loving yourself starts with changing your negative thinking. ♥️

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

“To really transform yourself and go beyond what you already know you must at some time discover, and become aware, that what IS is what it IS . There is no other way. There are no alternatives. It couldn’t have gone otherwise. It is as it is. Accept this. It is as it is.

Your opinion, your thoughts, your beliefs of how it could, or should, be keep you trapped. The monkey mind jumps from possibility to possibility endlessly trying to solve it. It can’t! You need to transcend the monkey mind. Learn to control it and learn to transcend it.

Your mind thinks, ‘if only’. You mind thinks it would have been better this way or that way, but that isn’t what is. You get caught up emotionally in an opinion of what you think should be. It isn’t. You need to get over it. Drop what isn’t and…

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