Second 2018 Challenge.

I’ve decided to go into Cross-fitness classes!
I’m so excited for this confidence booster bootcamp I couldn’t wait a month to write this post (which was when I was going to write about it).
I’ve heard about cross-fitness through social media, I see how great people look (typical) and how strong they look well, I always thought it would be fun to do it but never got the chance because….I don’t know, never made it past the back of my head until now.
I work at a restaurant (which shall not be named but is Italian and I love Italian food and Italian people, ya’ll are so sensual, love everything about ya’ll guys xoxoxoxoxo!) that has multiple locations, I starting working at a new location and there’s this server, whom which I started to get to know, and I found out he did cross-fit!
he said, “I’ve always gone to the gym and worked out but I’ve always had a little tiny pouch, I had more time in my hands, so I decided to sign up for a cross fitness class and it completely changed my life, I’ve lost so much weight and have gotten so strong, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
He showed me a video of him lifting 400 pounds.
Holy Cow!!! & He looked great!
So this motivated me into searching for affordable classes (because I’m broke as fuck!!!), I found one near where I lived, literally walking distance, sent an e-mail, signed up for a free trial and, here I am, writing about it.
First I want to say it’s been literally a couple of days and my confidence is way up up up!!! I feel great, I’m singing while walking (though I used to do that before), I don’t have much negative thoughts about myself, but frankly I’m too tired after a class to even think negative about me. I feel like my posture is better and I am standing up straighter while looking up, since I’m used to looking down constantly while I walk (terrible habit…working on it)
Now although I feel great, I am sore all over the place. My body hurts from head to toe (more like neck but whatever) and I can’t walk, I feel like an old lady, I an limping while I walk, I am terribly tired and my aches are making my body heavy, literally heavy, it weighs on me (but in a good way), I walk and I feel like a lump of a bunch of mashed potatoes 🥔 all dragging themselves to a job they hate (I am laughing out loud by myself in the train at 11:49pm.. just wanted to share this). I am heavy as I lie down in my bed, which is wonderful because I pass out in a second.
That’s one thing I love about starting this fitness journey, I am able to get out of my head, enjoy myself in the moment and sleep like a corpse… I didn’t want to say baby because if you think about they, they keep their parents awake almost all night long).
Anyway, this is my second challenge and I’m really excited about it, and although is cheaper than most, it’s still expensive for my broke ass who still lives with her parent (one day I’ll buy her a house for payback, I promise)
I know I’ll stick to this challenge because there’s actually someone who is pushing mento work harder, something I am unable to do when I can’t breathe or start hurting for the littlest thing.
Plus I’ve seen the results and they’re all amazing, I want to get there so that I become the background of a motivational quote, seriously.
I’m gonna get hot! (Hotter)


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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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