I don’t really miss him.

I just wish he’d text me and tell me how much he misses me.

I wish he’d tell me he regrets his actions, he regrets hurting me and wishes to give me another try.

I wish he would tell me he thought about me every time he was with her, I wish he would tell me he only did it because he was hurt.

I wish he told me he loved me, that I’m the only one he’s only ever loved.

And now i’m crying.

Because I miss him and I’m hurting.

I wish we could talk so I can see how he’s doing, how his father’s doing, that he’s okay.

I’ve seen it happen multiple times where the guy wants to go back to the girl, and the girl always takes him back.

Why hasn’t that happened to me?

Why am I so different?

I deserve my romance fairy tale.

I deserve my closure.

I try so hard on loving myself

On distracting myself from thinking of him.

It’s so ridiculous.

Im crying for someone who purposefully pushed me away.

I don’t want to go back and hurt myself.

Because That’s all I’m doing.

While I choose to be alone and cry myself into a hole.

He’s living with a girl he met three weeks after we ended it.

Will that ever go somewhere?

Will my fear ever be realized?

Were we really meant to be or were those psychics just lying to me?

Universe, I’ll never know.

How I wish you gave me that closure talk I’ve needed.




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