Think Higher of Yourself Than Others Think of You.

Have you ever heard anything like that?
Or if you’re from the ghetto, “she be thinking she cute” ?
Lol i’m not gonna lie, I used to say that, but now that I’m on a self-love journey, I think:
“If not me, then who?”
Of course I think I’m cute? i’m a curva-licious hispanic mama bear that thinks is super cute.
Just like you should be thinking you are too.
Male or female.
Because if not you, then who else?
So many people seek approval from other people when in reality we should approve of ourselves and spoil ourselves because we are the ones coming home to at night.
I was at a training at a catering company (the survival job of an actress, me.) and there was a girl wanting to be right in all the questions the mentor was asking and asking such things as,” how was that? Did you like what I did?”
This person reeked of insecurity, I felt so bad.
Coming from someone that doesn’t have experience serving, I thought she was doing pretty good, aside of her desperate need to be right in front of the head server.
Who gives a shit what he thinks?
Who give’s a shit about what anybody thinks?
The only thoughts you should worry about are your own.
There are so many people out there, today, that don’t follow their passion or do things they want to do because of someone else’s opinion; if you let someone else decide for you and choose for you, it is you that have to live with those choices, not them, not your mom, or your dad, but you.
As I mentioned above, you’re the only one you have to come home to.
When I go shopping, I usually go alone (I hate window shopping, I gotta get my things and I’m done, good to go!), I don’t stop to ask for my mother’s opinion, or my sister’s or my friends, because I am the only person wearing it, I am the only person spending money for that item, I, I, I.
I’m not sharing my clothe’s with you, we probably don’t even wear the same size.
Even if we did, your taste might be different than mine.
That’s another thing:
Our opinions is what separates who we are, our upbringing, and our beliefs.
Maybe you like wearing crop-tops and short skits and heels, and maybe what I like is a regular long T-shirt, and jeans.
It doesn’t mean that what I am choosing is better than what you’re choosing, it’s just different from yours, and I might not like what you like, because we’re all different.
That is why I think someone else’s opinion of you is not important; you might regret it if you end up letting someone else choose for you rather than YOU, for yourself.
And you don’t have to defend or explain your decision, remember it’s YOUR life, no one else’s.


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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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  1. I used to worry about what people thought or said and then one day I thought, “why does it matter so much to me? I don’t even know these people.” So now when I start to feel uncomfortable going to a job interview or a party alone or anywhere that I dread walking into a room, I stop, take a breath and think, “who cares what they think.” And then I enter and feel very confident. It’s just a matter of reminding yourself right before you do something that you don’t need to worry about what others think. If they are going to put you down or talk about you, then so be it. Does it really matter to you? Will they be in your life as important? No. As the song goes, Don’t Worry! Be Happy!


  2. This is something I’ve been working on big time this year, I’ve got a big heart and a lot of room in it for everyone (which I love) but I didn’t realise I was forgetting myself. This year has been pretty rough but along the way I’ve learned how to be proud of myself and it’s so liberating! This is my life to live and I’m going to do it my way🤘🏼❤️

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