Don’t project your anger on to others.

A lot of people are constantly angry all the time, they get up and they’re automatically angry, from the start, and they project it on to others, why is that?
Why is it that happy people get treated badly for no reason at all, for basically just being there, alive, in that moment.
I had to go film something, somewhere in downtown, to a location I have never been before, or have never seen the people before, I had to go into a building that I’ve never been before (you get the point, brand new place) and my call time was at 10AM, I arrived at 8:55, I walked in (in a great mood) greeting the security guard, who was on his phone, and his legs on the table (that’s besides the point) and without a look told me to step out and come back at 9AM, I was okay, he kept insisting I leave, I left.
Walked back at 9AM, with a great smile and attitude, and, just like he told me, before, with a nasty attitude, told me to go out, and wait like everyone else. I marched myself out, head low, tail in, like a loser, and waited for him to open the doors.
When he opened the doors, at 9:01!! (But who’s checking), those people that were waiting, lined up immediately for a medical office, which I had no idea that’s what a lot of people come for!
When he got to my turn, he assumed I was going to the medical office; when I told him I wasn’t going there, he was upset again! Because I didn’t tell him where I was going!
He told me he asked if there was a special occasion, but I didn’t hear him with his negative talking… I assumed.
After that, he realized the Elevator wasn’t working and told me he wasn’t going to go up four flights of stairs because he his back, he had –
By this point, I’ve about had it with him and I told him it’s totally fine, I didn’t have to listen to that.
He said, “what’s your problem?”
Seriously? -_-
I come in very polite, happy, genuinely concerned about how he’s doing, and he treats me like a am someone telling him to go fuck himself, I was over him.
There are so many people that project their anger on to others for no reason at all, they hate their job, they don’t want to be where they are; someone mistreated them and that gives them a reason to mistreat someone else (including a stranger) the exact same way.
It’s nobody’s fault but your own for your circumstances.
Again, it’s nobody’s fault but your own for your circumstances.
One last time, it’s nobody’s fault but your own for your circumstances.
It’s not my fault why that man treated me the way he did, he must be going through something he can’t handle, whatever. What I do know is my responsibility is the way I can take him, now, I could have let that escalate more, refuse to go and argue on why he’s treating me the way he is, I could have started crying, (which I wanted to BTW!), but I didn’t! Because I realized I didn’t have to give him that power, I don’t have to to give anybody the power to make me feel any way.
You can as well.
We might not choose where we come from, but we can choose where we’re going.
You don’t have to be angry, and if you are, what does someone else have to do with what you’re going through? It’s not their fault!
You can do something about it!
Just breathe and decide beautiful.


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I’m an actress in pursuit of happiness and finding my truth. Through my writing I am able to release my thinking without being judged or having the need to impress people in this crazy world we’re living in. I hope that through my experience I inspire you to find your truth and version of happiness.

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