you’re capable of so much more.

This is my personal belief about human beings. 
You are all uniquely incredible. Every single one of you, with your flaws and what you believe are imperfections. You’re perfect with your hair, and whatever eye color your have, you’re perfect with whatever shape, size or form you have, whether your black or white, short or tall, whatever, where ever you’re from, you are just as great as the next guy…or gal.
I have never had a sense of competition or entitlement or have ever felt like I was any better than someone.. I have never understood the need for it. I cannot wrap my head around it. I cannot do it and I refuse to do it. Does it matter? Someone’s ethnicity, their size or amount of followers, what they drive or where they live? Once they pass on, will all of that even matter at all?
Most of us can see, and hear, and breath, and walk and talk and move and dance and eat and fart and clap and cry and laugh, shake hands, be nice, be mean, pee, poop, and on, and on AND ON…. You know my point.
I am not here to say the world should be all perfect and everyone should be happy and all be in lalaland… this isn’t what I am saying at all!
What I am saying is that you shouldn’t think any less of yourself because you’re not at your highest expectations… unbelievably high… which you want to achieve impatiently.
I am in this group.. this writing is comforting me too.
When I audition, I always brush it off, ALWAYS, forget about it, move on, whatever, don’t even remember my last one… when one of my friends audition.. it’s the biggest thing in the world…. Holy moly… if they don’t get it? “What is wrong with me, I am not good enough, what did I do wrong?” etc. etc. etc.
I wish you could see everything I see.
There is only unique awesomeness..LOL.
No, seriously.
I see with care and love and compassion, my ego is deflated….once you pinch up that bubble, a weight of happiness is what will come on top…

One thought on “you’re capable of so much more.

  1. Was sad to see that there was no post yesterday! But I came on today and BANG! loved it very genuine and so true. I definitely have to remind myself sometimes that, me right now, at this very moment, isn’t the final product. && I must be patient in creating that final product because a rushed product rarely ends up being a great product.
    Thanks for the daily pep talk Shirly!


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